Homebound Instruction: Individual Course

Homebound Instruction: Individual Course

$ 75.00

Face to Face Online Course in real time, taught by a state certified teacher with a current Standard Certificate/Teaching License in the required subject area.

IOE is Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredited.

Homebound Instruction is assigned by school district's Guidance Department to students who are unable to attend classes in the district school. IOE is able to offer homebound instruction in the short term or for the full year. Class sessions are one hour each, and students are typically assigned to two sessions per week for the duration of the instruction. All instruction takes place in real time, face to face, in the virtual classroom with a state certified teacher, who is an expert in their subject area. We are able to offer all subjects offered in our collections. This includes all major subject areas as well as elective courses. 

Course Features:

  • Every lesson takes place in real time in the virtual classroom
  • Every student is provided a structured schedule, mutually convenient for teacher and student, as both must log into the virtual classroom together for every lesson
  • Parents/guardians are not required to be at home for the lesson, as teacher does not report to the student's home
  • IOE teachers are state certified in subject area: so instruction is highly specialized
  • IOE teachers have experience working with IEP's, 504's, special needs
  • Students are mainstreamed with other students who are taking the same course: homebound instruction students are no longer isolated in their homes
  • Every lesson is recorded and provided to students as a study artifact
  • IOE curricula is aligned with CCSS and integrates Open Internet Resources
  • IOE teachers use student-centered, project-based learning models
  • IOE teachers provide their own assessments and record grades to be submitted as grade reports to your Guidance Department
  • Online gradebook allows students and parents to track academic progress
  • 24 hour tech support included
  • Course is accessible anywhere with Internet connectivity: school computer labs, student home, and libraries, out of state, out of country
  • Digital literacy is a happy by-product of online instruction: students move toward mastery in online communication and other digital literacy skills


One Hour Session