Genre Studies: English:  Grades 9-11: Full Year Course

Genre Studies: English: Grades 9-11: Full Year Course

$ 15,500.00

Face to Face Online Course in real time, taught by a state certified Teacher of English.

IOE is Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredited.

Course Features:

  • Free online orientation introduces tools of 21st Century online platform to all enrolled students before course begins
  • Via online platform, teacher participates in Back to School Night to provide course overview to parents
  • Course is integrated into district's bell schedule 
  • Every lesson is recorded and provided to students as a study artifact
  • Online gradebook allows students and parents to track academic progress 
  • 24 hour tech support included 
  • Course is accessible anywhere with Internet connectivity: school computer labs, student home, and libraries

In this course students are immersed in the literature of three genres: poetry, fiction, and drama. An in-depth study of literary and sound devices is offered – moving toward mastery.  Students are expected to be familiar with the conventions of literary analysis in order to sharpen their critical interpretations and fashion academic arguments. 

Sophisticated diction is integrated into literary discussions for vocabulary building.  Writing skills are enhanced through the practice of writing literary criticism and through the use of a variety of rhetorical strategies:  narration, description, argument, and exposition. Students are encouraged to become more than proficient in analysis of text and synthesis of academic argument.