Film Literacy: Grades 10-12: Semester Course

Film Literacy: Grades 10-12: Semester Course

$ 8,200.00

Face to Face Online Course in real time, taught by a state certified teacher.

IOE is Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredited.

 Course Features:

  • Free online orientation introduces tools of 21st Century online platform to all enrolled students before course begins
  • Via online platform, teacher participates in Back to School Night to provide course overview to parents
  • Course is integrated into district's bell schedule 
  • Every lesson is recorded and provided to students as a study artifact
  • Online gradebook allows students and parents to track academic progress 
  • 24 hour tech support included 
  • Course is accessible anywhere with Internet connectivity: school computer labs, student home, and libraries

This one-semester elective course offers interested students the opportunity to develop and enhance their understanding of the cinematic medium as an art. Employing the same techniques they have learned in critiquing literature, students will view several classic films for in-depth analysis. Emphasis will stress style, storyline, context (historical), image motif, and overall meaning. In addition, the concepts of character-driven and plot-driven film will be considered. The course examines different movements in films and how cinema is both a comment on and a reflection of its audience. The class opens with a discussion of the static image (photography) toward a look at image sequences toward an in-depth study of moving pictures (film).