Chemistry: Science Summer Course

Chemistry: Science Summer Course

$ 350.00

Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it can undergo. This is a standard college preparatory chemistry course. Among the concepts and areas covered in this course are scientific measurements, atomic structure, models of atoms (Thompson, Bohr and Quantum Mechanical), the periodic table, types of chemical bonding, chemical nomenclature, stoichiometry, the gas laws and states of matter, and types of chemical reactions. The course includes an introduction to solution chemistry, acid and base theories and thermochemistry.

The mathematics of chemistry and the integration of math of science is achieved by considerable problem solving practice. The chemistry of the elements on the periodic table is related to their electron structures and the basic scientific laws such as the law of conservation of matter to predict and determine chemical reaction and physical properties.

Face to Face Online Course in real time, taught by a state certified Teacher of Chemistry.

IOE is Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredited.


60 hour course : 3 hours per day / 5 days per week / 4 weeks

Online Orientation:       Saturday July 8th:  11 AM

Program Runs:             Monday July 10th – Friday  August 4th 2017


Refund Policy:

Refunds will only be made if a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. No other refund policy is expressed or implied.  Complete refunds will be issued promptly.