Innovations in Online Education, Inc.  is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools as a supplemental education organization.

Innovations in Online Education, Inc. is unique in that our online courses offer face-to-face instruction in real time with a state certified content teacher, offering student-centered collaborative and project based learning and 21st Century skills. Every lesson is scheduled in real time; instructors and students meet together in the virtual classroom for authentic learning experiences.

IOE is defining online education in the 21st Century - students join their peers, engage in academic discussions, receive instruction from a state-certified teacher live in the virtual classroom. The social element is no longer compromised in online learning.

About Innovations in Online Education, Inc.: Established in 2008, Innovations in Online Education, Inc. is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) committed to being a “socially responsible entrepreneurship.” They engage their resources for the betterment of the community, both locally and globally with a focus on the education and general welfare of children and adult learners. For more information, visit

Contact for Innovations in Online Education, Inc.: Fred De Sena, Vice President of Administration at (973) 726-0820