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10 Poetry Prompts: paint a summer canvas with words

Paint a portrait with poetry. Capture a person in formal setting (static image surrounded by symbols of person) or informal setting doing a mundane task (movement) or doing something they love or something obligatory. Write a poem with dark/light motif capturing a summer dawn or twilight. Write a poem in which auditory and tactile images of summer (cacophony of morning bird songs and like sticky ice cream fingers)  are the predominant images. Write a mimesis poem using Dickinson’s “I dreaded that first, Robin, so.” Write a dramatic poem drawing on fairytale, myth, or legend characterization and don the mask of that character. Write a blackout art poem working from a postcard: vintage or new Write an original poem about water...

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3 Great Educational Uses for Pinterest

    Teacher as Curator:   Anthologizing Supplemental Reading Assignments: Supplemental reading assignments for your course could be pinned on a board that is organized around a subject or theme.   I have culled a selection of non-fiction articles for my students to read and reflect on. One assignment is includes coupling a nonfiction article with this prompt: Write an essay in which you identify the thesis of the article, which considers author's point of view and engage in dialogue with the author by responding to the central claim in some way. Base your evidence on the content included in the article, your own experiences and other articles and books you may have read on this topic.  I make this anthology available...

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From Teacher to Entrepreneur–an unwieldy but ongoing journey

Sitting in my Adirondack chair one summer morning, I had an entrepreneurial moment – yes, an epiphany of sorts -- achieved through a synthesis of my professional experiences:  teaching experiences as an adjunct professor at NYU, as a full time high school English teacher and -- formerly -- as a homebound instructor.  It was  2007, I had just finished my book, Preventing Plagiarism for NCTE, and I was restless, wanting a new challenge for myself. I am one of those people who are virtually always pre-occupied with one idea or another.  I am accused of reclusiveness sometimes, but at such times I am fully engaged -- free writing ideas on an abstract canvas -- via my mind's eye. NYU had...

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